MISTRAL Blue Growth Book, one of the most important deliverables of the project is now ready and open to the public!

The report aims to assess challenges and opportunities within the Blue Growth sector looking at innovation driven actions in order to deliver the highest impact; thus open opportunities for stakeholders. The report not only looks at the well-established sectors in the recent years, but also at those emerging sectors considered to be promising in the future in terms of innovation capacity and potential of investment. 

An  integrated and systemic approach is necessary for the economic growth and innovation exploitation in the BG as part of a process that comprises and involves different attributes and frameworks that may not always be aligned. In this context, an overall benchmark analysis is performed at MED scale and key indicators are taken into account in order to find the drivers for exploitations, the so-called Innovation Potentials. The identification of characteristics and assets of each sector will highlight the implementation scenario (enabler factors) for each innovation potential, as a prerequisite to concentrating clusters, investors and resources around an accomplishment-oriented vision of their exploitation.

The report will set the basis for a step forward on Mediterranean growth and for a more sustainable use of sea resources. The Blue Growth scenario at the Mediterranean level is here described by looking at the most expanding sectors in the recent years and to those emerging sectors considered to be the more promising in the future i.e. Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) - Fishing & Aquaculture (F&A) - Maritime Surveillance (MS) – Blue Biotechnologies (BB) – Coastal and Maritime Tourism (C&MT). After a general overview of Blue Growth size and trends around the Mediterranean Sea, an in-depth descriptive analysis with an assessment of the current status and opportunities is provided by sector as a whole result of data integration on Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (Countries part of the MISTRAL Interreg MED project). 

MISTRAL Blue Growth Book

Guidelines and Toolkits of the Business Plan Competitions and Matchmaking events.

What is the Business Plan Competition Toolkit?

This Toolkit provides detailed information on how to launch and manage a Business Plan Competition for the Blue Growth sector. A Business Plan Competition is a competition among business ideas,  startups and academic spinoffs,  with the final objective to empower entrepreneurial capacity and reinforce innovation and business creation dynamics. The document is targeted to Innovation Service Provider organisations that are wishing to support aspiring entrepreneurs of the Blue Growth sector in the start-up phase.  Finally, it gives an overview of how MISTRAL partners have implemented the Business Plan Competition locally. 

What is the Matchmaking Toolkit?

This toolkit offers recommendations and guidance on how to set up successful matchmaking events for increasing innovation capacity in the Blue Growth sector following an open innovation approach. It is based on the experience gained thanks to the MISTRAL implementation action and it is addressed to the local stakeholders (such as MED clusters, EU clusters and MED policy makers, Business support organisations etc) in order to promote similar initiatives and to enrich the Blue Growth innovation ecosystem. 

Why are guidelines provided by the MISTRAL project?

During the testing phase of the MISTRAL Project, tools and methodologies will be shared among partners and organizations to facilitate technology transfer, enterprise creation, open innovation processes and international cooperation. To support this activity, the MISTRAL Project Partner “ART-ER” has drafted two files including detailed guidelines for the organization of the Blue Business Plan competition. Our purpose is the creation of a comprehensive guide setting up common rules and goals to help partners organize national/local Business Plan Competitions in the Blue Growth Sector

In addition, ART-ER also has drafted the “Blue Growth matching models Guidelines” where it is possible to find a modelization of practices and tools to enhance the capacity of the Blue Growth actors to create synergies according to the TASK 4.2: Blue matching models of the MISTRAL Project. The aim of this task is to define a pilot action for the support of the Med community, through the setting up of ad hoc tools to realize research to business matchmaking, international technological cooperation and open innovation processes.

D.4.1.1 Blue Business Plan Competition Guidelines

D.4.2.1 Blue Growth Match Making Models Guidelines

D.4.3.1 Blue Business Plan Competition Toolkit

D.4.3.2 Blue Growth matchmaking event toolkit


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