A message of hope during the COVID-19 crisis

Ms. Apollonia Tiziana de Nittis, from Emilia Romagna Region, Lead Partner of MISTRAL, wanted to share a few words with the Mediterranean world, directly from the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak!

Even if the whole Europe has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still in a better position than other big crises in the recent history (e.g. the World Wars). Today, we have modern technology, many ICT tools, plenty of devices/gadgets and, ABOVE all, a STRONG partnership which will eventually overcome this difficult moment and MISTRAL will NOT STOP its activities.

Thanks to all European friends following the most important role: STAY AT HOME, together we work online, together we carry on our lives (safely at home) fighting against the invisible enemy and TOGETHER we will defeat it!

STAY at HOME & KEEP healthy!

Responsibly and smartly 2gether WE WILL WIN!