Happy birthday Interreg!

Interreg has been a key European Regional Policy instrument for an enhanced cooperation in the EU for the last 30 years!

Environment, education, research, health, sustainable energy and other thematics are in the epicenter of Interreg programmes since 1990.

Below you can find some interesting facts about our family:

  • 60 cross-border programmes operating in border regions
  • 4 interregional cooperation programmes operating across the European continent
  • 15 transnational cooperation programmes operating among countries in the same geographical area
  • 10 programmes operating with accession countries
  • 15 programmes operating neighbouring countries
  • We have been progressed from an initiative to a full policy objective
  • We have launched the Interreg Volunteer youth

For all these reasons, Interreg is essential to support a more united - hence stronger – Europe.

Let’s celebrate 3 decades of achievements!