MISTRAL project introduced at the Blue Growth Community Mid-Term Conference IN Barcelona, 22nd November 2018

“Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life” to reinforce the Mediterranean Blue Growth community and to present the state of the art of the current initiatives in the cooperation area concerned.

MISTRAL, integrated project financed within Interreg MED Program, has participated to the event organized by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), in the framework of the MedaWeek 2018 and in close cooperation with the Blue Growth Community’s mid-term conference, taking advantage of a sound added-value and a high visibility across media & social channels. A specific panel has been thus devoted to present updates and figures of the Blue Growth modular projects - iBlue, Maestrale, Pelagos, Proteus, 4Helix+ and Mistral was part of it. MISTRAL, just launched in April 2018, with a KOM hosted by the LP Emilia – Romagna Region in Bologna, has shared an overview about its priorities, actions, introducing its wide partnership, together with first activities implementation such as the Methodology, to map key research actors, clusters, support bodies, policies and target groups, while collecting best practices in and outside the partnership on the Blue Growth Ecosystem. The Methodology that will be finalized by the end of 2018 will be important to get an exhaustive state-of-the-art in the MED area about expertise, actions and initiatives running in the area. In Parallel, MISTRAL is also developing “Countries and Regional fiches” that will be necessary to draft a MISTRAL Blue Book, whose main aim is to analyze the 5 key Blue Growth sectors:

1. Blue Energy

2. Fisheries & Aquaculture

3. Maritime Surveillance

4. Blue Biotechnologies

5. Coastal & maritime tourism

The Blue Book will be also the instrument to report a benchmark analysis of the key projects, players, activities and strategies in the 5 sectors to finally assess and to provide an overview on the most relevant drivers and opportunities of development for 2021-2028. The Consortium will meet in May 2019 in Portugal and MISTRAL will probably be part also of the Maritime Days planned in Lisbon. For MISTRAL it has been important to join the Mid-Term Conference of the BGC, to contribute to strengthen the community and to contribute to the discussion on the Blue Growth, being part of a wide transnational key stakeholder groups. Experts, key players from Med regions, public and private sector, international organizations but also academia and the civil society, were at the heart of valuable discussions, together with relevant representatives coming from the European Commission DG MARE, Interreg-Med Program Joint Secretariat, Interreg-Adrion Program JS, all contributing and supporting networking and synergies among projects, partnerships and participants, drawing the attention of multilevel stakeholders: opinion leaders, decision-makers, funding entities, experts and researchers about Blue topics.

InnoBlueGrowth Community Link: blue-growth.interreg-med.eu