The Partners

MISTRAL partnership involves an extraordinary multilevel representation of interests, thematic excellence, territories at the interregional and transnational level:

  • 8 main countries of the MED area (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Albania, Cyprus)
  • 2 Ministries (ES, F)
  • 8 Regions of which 3 leading regions with RIS3 on BG (ARFVG, Alentejo Region, Apulia)
  • 5 BG leading Clusters (CMIB, PMM-TVT, CMMA, Marine Tech, Cluster Marche)
  • 3 scientific excellences of the MED area which will bring knowledge of the state of the art (HCMR, NRC, UAMD) and other organisations

This partnership places MISTRAL in a unique position to help the boost of the BG sector in MED area.