What we do

The current MED area innovation performance in the Blue Growth sector is behind the EU average: this is the macro common challenge partners are facing and that represents the common ground on which the project was built.

The following needs will be tackled:

  1. increasing the innovation level and capacities promoting both the empowerment of the MED ecosystem and higher investments in R&D within the BG;
  2. strengthen the competitiveness through a transnational cooperation;
  3. avoiding silos and remove the barriers that hamper the exploitation of the innovation potential, by of creating stronger connections between the actors of the quadruple helix;
  4. ensuring the policy mainstreaming.

In accordance with the BLUEMED initiative, MISTRAL will:

  1. limit the fragmentation of actions and regional policies in the sea sector;
  2. strengthen the transnational cooperation creating the critical mass for succeeding in the R&D actions;
  3. support the development of a favourable ecosystem for a BG governance and common vision;
  4. build a competitive, sustainable and innovative maritime economy supported by a new cross sectoral multi-nodal “value nets” providing high quality jobs.

MISTRAL will tackle the many technical challenges of the different BG sectors through increasing the share of knowledge: Blue Energy- know-how/spill-over between blue and oil&gas energy sectors or developing policies for the use of renewable energies sources within ports;
Fishing & Aquaculture-breeding methods to achieve maximum diversification of the aquaculture species in a sustainable environment;
Maritime Surveillance - share best available technologies for the remote O&M activities of the energy power plants; Biotechnologies- explore and exploit new bioproducts for application in nutraceutical, health, cosmetic;
Coastal and Maritime tourism - develop norms and infrastructure for the sustainable cruising or planning systems for sustainable development of a land and sea continuum.